RRI offer the following key services to small towns/villages in Ireland:

– Grant application advice for small town development (Irish and EU grant streams). Drafting, consultation and submission of full grant(s).
– Feasibility Studies with regard to funds that small towns have won under a specific grant.
– Greenway/Walkway/Trails design and public/community consultations.
– Community Workshops on how to engage with stakeholders and create rural town development plans.


At Rethinking Rural Ireland, our aims are highly ambitious and we are committed to assisting small towns for the long term. However, we realize these problems are decades old and cannot be fixed quickly. But we believe that a new narrative is slowly evolving in small towns in Ireland. We are merely facilitators of that conversation. And through our creative team and bold approach, we aim to help these small towns climb the ladder towards a functioning town.

A town that the community will be proud of – one based on hope, self-esteem and sustainability. Our approach to projects follows the Design Thinking Model. Less swot analysis and more community fullness. More out of the box thinking and less technical writing.

All town projects must respect our core human rights principles of tolerance, inclusivity, respect and equality.